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Photography | Post Processing | Photo Walks | Wildlife Seminars

Photography Workshop

Learn the most essential fundamentals of photography and what it takes to being a Succesful photographer. Alonside technicals, this workshop also covers the management aspect of being a photographer. Very Unique workshop, that will get you going in the right direction as a photographer.

Approach to Photography

There is a lot that is in-between having a fine camera to a fine image. Every genre of photography has its own challenges and they need to be approached in a structured methodical manner to make the difference as a photographer.

Instincts of a Photographer

You got it all right with the approach and is that close to making a perfect image. What are those things you should do in a split second,that is what separates a professional photographer and an ameteur. 

Technicalities of an Image

Plain technical talks are boring. We all understand theories better with day to day examples. We at wowXplore help you master the fundamentals of a photography in a very easy to understand manner. We relate technical topics to the day to day activities that you perform. Makes it simple to master and remember.


Post Processing

Digital images needs to be processed for you to achieve the best colors, tones and details. There are various software suites. What is ideal for you and how do you go about editing an image?

Image Management

In the days of digital cameras with never ending storage space, we keep clicking more and more images and end up storing them in an external backup hard disk. It is so tedious to retrive the best images when needed. Is that you? If so, you will overcome this problem with a simple fix that we will share during this workshop.

Image Editing / Processing

Do you see the right colors? A good image and bad image is in the colors that you see as a photographer. When you see proper colors, you edit an image better. But, hey there are so many sliders and tools, what do they do? Relax, we have the perfect starting point for you to master the sliders as well.

Photo Walks

Simple themes, few hours with the camera to practise making images and meeting new like minded people who in turn become friends for a lifetime.

Free* Participation

To master any given subject, one needs to practise again and again. Photography is no exception. Let us practise the art and science through small photo walks near you. Events are charged only for mentor logistics.

Photo Buddies

Make photography friends, who can help you review your images and give you inputs to progress.
These folks can also become your safari buddies, and if all goes well, amazing friends for life. 

Coffe Shop Meetups

It is not always with a camera. How about a chit chat over a coffee discussing and debating about various topics. One two hour long sessions that you can engage in to break free from regular chores.



If you wish to schedule a session right at the comfort of your house, or together with a group of your friends, do write us a message through the form below.