Terms & Conditions


wowXplore organises mentored group and customized unmentored expeditions across India and International destinations. Your participation in our expeditions are strictly voluntary and you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Any expedition that you are to enroll into, you understand and agree to sign our standard travel contract. Owing to the nature of our expeditions conducted in the wild, you understand, are aware and also take full responsonsibility of the possible risks involved not limiting to injuries, illness and death. 

We conduct all our expeditions in collaboration with various contracted partners who might be companies or individuals. wowXplore cannot be held liable for any loss not limiting to injuries, illness or death arising due to the act or negligence of the contracted partners.

In simple terms, you realease wowXplore of all such potential liabilities and agree to be the sole party responsible any illness, injury or death.

If you are being accompanied by a minor, you sign and agree to take full responsibility of the well being of the minor.

By joining our expeditions, we believe that you are in your best health to pursue the associated activities. wowXplore will not assume any costs associated with your medical requirements during and post such expeditions.

Refund considerations will only be made if wowXplore changes the itinerary as deemed necessary and fit, post your enrollement to the same and you are in disagreement. Rights to final refund decission is upon wowXplore.

wowXplore may use any images or videos of you taken during the expeditions for use in our website and social media for marketing and promotional purposes.

By enrolling to our expeditions, you fully agree with wowXplore expedition cancellation policies. Any refunds due to cancellation will be made within 21 working days from the date of written cancellation confirmation. While the refund amount will be calculated based on our cancellation polices, there would be deduction towards banking charges based on your location and bank and remittance currrency.

No cancellation refunds applicable for payments paid in part. Only participants paying 100% of expedition contribuition are eligible for our standard cancellation polices. You agree and understand the cancellation terms prior to enrollment to an expedition.

wowXplore will regard its delivery complete upon the end of the expedition date. Incase of your inability ot participate in full or in part, wowXplore will not return back any payments. Under such circumstances, wowXplore will as well not agree to any arguments of brach of inability in providing the service.

Standard Expedition Cancellation Terms

Cancellation terms only applicable for bookings of participants made with 100% payment in advance. 

No cancellation refunds will be issued for bookings made with partial payment options. 

prior to 120 days of travel - 75% of the expedition contribuition
prior to 60 days of travel - 50% of the expedition contribuition
prior to 30 days of travel - No refund

Visas, Insurance, Mandatory Travel Documents

wowXplore through its expertise will only assist and guide you with the necessary process to obtain the valid visa and other mandatory travel documents. However, it is your sole responsibility to ensure in possession of all such related documents during travel. We do not accept any liability for your negligence.

All participants of wowXplore expeditions should be in possession of a Medical Travel Insurance with coverage of Adventure sports category.


The terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime without prior notice to the customers. wowXplore retains the complete rights to modify these terms as and when it deems fit and appropriate.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints, contact us at or through the contact form or through any other contact method mentioned in the website.

The information on the website might contain errors or omissions. We do not assure of 100% correctness. 

This website might be occassionaly down for maintainance and upgrades and wowXplore takes no responsibility to potential loss of your data if any on the website. 

wowXplore is under no obligation to update any out of date topic or content unless it is mandatory by law.

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