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Dr. N. Venkatramana

Critical Care Specialist & a Fine Art Photographer

About Dr. N. Venkatramana


Dr. Venkatramana is one extra-ordinary multi-talented medical professional, who finds enough time to follow his interest in photography amidst his busy hospital schedule. 

Idea of Photography

Dr. Venkatramana believes that knowledge increases when you share it, He has been teaching,encouraging and guiding numerous budding photographers in the right direction. Following a simple principle “if it is worth learning, it is worth sharing”. 

His goal or motto has always been“Bringing fine art into wildlife photography”. He strongly believes that photography is not just recording of a moment but a means to create a creative artistic and story-telling visual which needs hours of dedicated time and energy.

Passion for Wildlife

He loves going to wild places and spending time with nature and wildlife. He also loves to conduct photography workshops and expeditions from time to time and share his immense knowledge with fellow wildlife and photography lovers.

Awards & Salons

He has been successful in winning numerous international awards and achievements, fellowships and memberships in some of the most prestigious international photography institutions etc. Some of his work has been published in newspapers, international salons etc.

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