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Knowledge based approach to Wildlife Experience

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Life Lessons from the Wild

Did you know, you can learn from Nature & Wild, just like how you can through your work experience or school education?
All it takes is a bit of patience, observation & correlation.

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I lead from the front and the pride follows. I set the direction, the path and the approach.

Problem Solving

I take down any obstacles that come along the way before even the pride faces it.

Team Building

Together, we hunt larger prey, as a team coordinated effort. We fail multiple times before we succeed. We simply don't give up.

Peer Recognition

While it might be me, delivering the killer blow on the prey, we still need the strength of the pride to bring them down.

Wildlife Science, Interesting

There is a lot to learn about any species of birds and mammals we come across. Many a times, what they do and how they do it is mesmarizing and mastering such facts, makes ur expedition to the wild even more fun.

What makes Peregrine Falcon fly so fast and yet be precise in hunting?

The Eyes

Eye acts for them as one of the main tools for speed kills.
The Perigrine Falcon can see its prey at a distance of 1.5 kms and can sight & track 3 moving objects at the same time.

The Body Structure

Large Keel (breastbone) with more muscles mass attached to it helps them generate more power while flapping. And of course the powerful mechanics of the flight is supported by a powerful heart and incredibly efficient circulatory system.

The Wings

Aerodynamically POINTED WINGS coupled with SLIM & STIFF feathers reduces the drag while flying. The CURVED WINGS create air foil effect which gives them adequate lift and manoeuvrability. The wings are SWEPT BACKWARDS for a streamlined figure.

Impact Photography, Easy

Every expedition can't be the same ISO and Shutter Speed and camera setting saga. There is a lot more that we deliver to you on and off the field.

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Close Cropping

With so many Mega Pixels in your camera, and not all of your images getting printed on canvas, why not exercise the flexibility and power of Mega pixels to bring in the close up wow factor.

High Contrast

Contrast makes your subject pop up in an Image. And High Contrast, will do it even better.
However, don't overdo and loose details and don't underdo and make image look flat.

Break the Rules

Following composition rules are textbook safe havens. Break them, Be Innovate, Be Bold. They are not really rules, but just mere guidelines. 

Short Stories Matter

Connect your images to day to day common observations. It can be a practise of yours, or someone else or even the whole community.
Align your images to such thoughts to gain more attention.

Align a Cause

Use techniques to get attention towards a particular social cause. More People connect with you, when you highlight core issues in a bold way.

Rotate Prespectives

Presenting an image, in an orientation which is not common brings about a fresh thought and a good discussion point in the community.
The more you grab the attention, the power of your image increases. You start to set the trend.

Going Selective

Go with concepts of selective highlight & catch light to drag the viewer to what you wish them to see. Some aggressive Dodge & Burns, Vignettes, haze & dehaze brushes will help you achieve impactful results. 

Invert B&W

Generally BW images are associated with more black areas and less white areas. Invert the trend with more whites and less blacks.


All the attention of the viewer, gets dragged to your subject with no other distractions. One powerful technique to high impact photography.

Tempt Curiosity

Try to capture moments before the real action, more like behind the scene videos, which are gaining popularity. People are eager to know, how the whole sequence unfolded.

Sharpness, Not always

Razor sharp images of head on tigers don't win you any laurels or awards in today's world.
Blur, Be Artistic, Experiment and get creative to get the edge.

Habitat Inclusion

Projecting an animal in its habitat in an artistic way adds immense power points to an image.You score very high.
Hurray!!! Its a HOME RUN!!!

Wide is Wild

Wide angle images are an attractive trend in today's photography industry. They offer unique perspectives. Gone are the days of eye level images. Use lenses never used before in the wild, you are in to make an impact.

Art Over Technology

In the days of Instagram, Mobile phones cannot be discounted. With Phones loaded with pro photography features, why not use them to get the best images. Not always, do you need super expensive cameras.

Go Cinematic

While Post Processing images, adapt to techniques like split Toning to achieve cinematic results. No one stops your from attempting new ways to post process images.  

Simple Illusions

Images presenting simple optical illusions create a good discussion point among the community.  Look for such moments and spice up the discussions in social forums and get noticed.

Which one excites you more?

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